Zhuhai DE qi

Product technical characteristics

The application of cutting-edge technology,Will the vehicle positioning and service supremely well

Adhere to high quality components,Stable and reliable performance。GPS/Base station/WIFI/AGPSMultiple perspectives,1+NProduct portfolio,Resistance to remove、The detection,ResistanceGPS/GSMInterference,Super back lost rate80%。

To go throughGPS/Beidou navigation and positioning measurement system certification,50Patent protection,The first exclusive high sensitivity receiving technology,Locate shelter space,Is better than that of the international industry average,The beauty of the chip, the limit。

Vehicle manufacturing、Vehicle security、Car rental with financial team management、Container valuables system in the field of logistics management, etc,For hundreds of thousands of users to provide quality services,Accept diversified depth customization。

The core location technology

Completely independent intellectual property rights,Navigation and positioning terminal system

Found the new noise coupling mechanism

Universal antenna temperature are derived

Clarify the terminal design criteria of high quality

Achieved excellent receiver performance

Good implementation industryGPSReception performance

Reception capacity close to the chip positioning range limit、Speed is fast、High precision

And part of indoor can still be covered places

SupportGPSAnd positioningAGPSRapid positioning

The whole space:Indoor shelter spaceGPSPositioning

High precision:Outdoor is better than a metre indoor is better than that of a meter

Seamless link:The indoor and outdoor two sets of positioning system integrated into a set,To realize the seamless locate indoor and outdoor

Has completed many positioning terminal and system platform development

Series of products successfully applied in many fields、Many industries

Which owns intellectual property rights protection and product certification